Face lift in Iran is a very popular surgery in the world which attracts a lot of patients because of great Face lift surgeons in Iran and high rate of satisfaction of procedure of face lift in Iran. Cost of facelift in Iran is lower than the rest of the world while it has higher quality. If you want to know about the cost of face lift in Iran or more details about it, please don’t hesitate to text us.

Best face lift in Iran

What is Face lift?

Face lift surgery, is a surgery used to eliminate the appearance of  wrinkles and other signs of getting old, which will improve the overall appearance of the jaw and face. Facelift will reduce the impacts of stress and aging. In this surgery a plastic surgeon who is a specialist in face lift in Iran will lift the muscles under the face to create more beautiful appearance. Then the surgeon will remove extra parts of skin and fat that will reduce the signs of a tired and aged appearance.

A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon of face lift in Iran will do face lift surgery professionally and great attention to detail so that patients will have no scars and natural-looking results. Facelift surgery or as it’s called Rhytidectomy is different from mesotherapy. It lifts facial tissues to show a more naturally face appearance. there is a saying that facelift works to “turn back the clock,” which helps a person look like a younger version of her or himself.

Face Lift in Iran

Why Have a Face lift?

As we become older, skin loses elasticity, and facial tissues start to sag. While this is a natural part of growing older, face lift is a good way for the people who don’t like to look like old. If you have any of these feelings, you’d better do a face lift:

  • You wear scarves  and turtlenecks because you don’t want to show your aging neck
  • When you see yourself in the mirror, you think your face looks much older than it should
  • You feel that an aging appearance affects your personal relationships and career negatively

After a facelift surgery, people feel increase in self-confidence, because of better appearance and more youthful look.

Why Face Lift in Iran?

At Iran Plastic Surgery we will offer you a great Face lift surgery in Iran by our amazing plastic surgeons. Our customers have always been satisfied with the quality of our service and face lift in Iran. The most popular surgery we perform is rhinoplasty in Iran which we do it by our professional and experienced surgeons.

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