Liposuction in Iran is very popular and many people from all around the world come to Iran to perform this operation. Nowadays we perform both liposuction and lipomatic surgeries in Iran. Lipomatic surgery is a newer method of surgery for fat transfering which is lee dangerous than Liposuction. Lipomatic in Iran is performed by best plastic surgeons in Iran which are specialized in lipomatic in Iran. before procedure of lipomatic in Iran becomes popular, liposuction was a very popular surgery in Iran but due to it’s harms to the body it went extinct and nowadays we do lipmatic surgery in Iran instead of liposuction. Another surgery for fat transferring which we do it is tummy tuck in Iran. To know about price of liposuction in Iran please text us.

Lipomatic in Iran

What is Lipomatic?

Lipomatic is a cosmetic procedure to take out fat from the body. Like normal liposuction techniques the surgeon makes incisions on the area of treatment and then the surgeon creates tunnels so that the cannula can be inserted to reach areas that include fat. Once the tunnels are created anesthesia is then given so that the patient cannot feel the treatment taking place. A device called the cannula is then inserted into the incisions with the fat being suctioned out. With the lipomatic method the cannula vibrates making fat easily removed by it being broken up by the vibrations it is very effective in suctioning the fat out.

Lipomatic is a very popular device operation in the recent period by ensuring to check out on the same day and the comfortable liposuction that puts laser and vaser methods in the shade which appeared after classic liposuction.
This FDA-approved method allows fine cannulas to be hypodermically injected and to suck fat tissues only. As there is no intervention made to muscles or skin thanks to this method, there are no bad images such as bruises, swelling, etc.
Thanks to Lipomatic applied with local anaesthesia, the return to social life is much faster.Operation period is one of the advantageous aspects of the local anaesthesia. Operations are completed within 2-3 hours according to the average of fats to be sucked. You can walk out after the process.
Nowadays, many doctors, artists, businessmen and politicians are able to earn their time thanks to this method and return to their jobs immediately.
At the same time, when the fat is sucked with vibrating cannulas, the skin and muscle tissue stick to each other much more quickly and effectively and a sense of tension develops. This causes the tightening effect not to sag in the skin. For more detailed information, free examinations and net figures about lipomatic, talk face to face with our doctor. Leave your number for the appointment immediately so as to allow our expert representative to keep in contact with you. We do also Rhinoplasty in our clinic.

Why Lipomatic in Iran?

At Iran Plastic Surgery we will offer you a great Lipomatic in Iran by our amazing plastic surgeons which are skilled in lipomatic in Iran.  Our customers have always been satisfied with the quality of our service and lipomatic in Iran.

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