Rhinoplasty in Iran is one of the most popular surgeries which brings a lot of patients from all around the world to Iran every year. Price for rhinoplasty in Iran is usually lower than other countries with higher rate of satisfaction. Price for rhinoplasty in Iran depends on the type of nose and is between $900 to $1900.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty is an operation to resize the nose. Many people don’t like the shape of the nose because it doesn’t look good on their face. Even a slight change in the nose can make it incredibly beautiful. Patients who want to do rhinoplasty in Iran usually don’t like the abnormal small or large nose that doesn’t fit to the rest of their face. Other patients want to correct bridge that is crooked or has a bump. Rhinoplasty will provide a beautiful shape to the nose while keeeping a natural look that is suitable for the face.

Rhinoplasty in Iran is very famous all over the world and people from all countries come to Iran to do rhinoplasty in Iran. It is the most popular plastic surgery in Iran. The nose has a great effect on facial beauty. Scientists have found the nose is one of the first parts of the body that is seen by other people.

Period of operation Rhinoplasty in Iran 1-3 hours. You have to stay in Iran for 10 days after doing rhinoplasty in Iran. One day in the hospital and the rest in a hotel or house that we will provide for you. The recovery from rhinoplasty in Iran begins four days later. Bruising and swelling usually do not occur. Doctors will remove stitches after about 6 days. You should only do easy jobs for 2 weeks and intensive workout should be avoided for 2 months.

Best surgeons of Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgery is a new process that began a few years ago in Iran. A lot of people like this surgery because of lower price and less pain. But you should keep in mind that this is an augmentation procedure and it’s not used to reduce the size of the nose. In this procedure plastic surgeons use injectable fillers to fill the depressed part of the nose and reshape it. it also may harm the skin so you should be careful when you want to do this kind of nose surgery.

Rhinoplasty Benefits:

  1. Confidence: Rhinoplasty brings back the confidence to people who were suffering from a big or misshaped nose before. a beautiful nose even will help you to find a better job by increase in your confidence. Based on several studies people with more attractive face can get better jobs because at first the employers look for more handsome men and beautiful girls even if they don’t admit it and also those who have smaller nose have higher confidence because they look more attractive.
  2. Improve Breathing: If you choose a good plastic surgeon they can actually help you to breathe better in addition to make your nose more beautiful. We have the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran who will improve your beauty and health at the same time.
  3. Fix Broken Nose: Nose bone is one of the bones that breaks more than other facial nose because it can hit easily during fights and accidents. Rhinoplasty can cure injury which is caused by nasal deformity. One the biggest problems that is caused by big nose is bullying, Unfortunately in schools kids with big nose are bullied more than others. Though it is advised not to do rhinoplasty before the age of 18 but we suggest you to perform nose job surgery right after you become eighteen years old.
  4. Revision Rhinoplasty: If you have done nose job before and it has been unsuccessful you can do a secondary nose job to correct it. Unfortunately some patients who ask us for secondary surgery had chosen unprofessional plastic surgeons before just to spend less money but the results wasn’t satisfying and they regret their choice. We really suggest you try to choose best cosmetic surgeons for performing nose surgery because nose is a vert important part of your body and anything bad happens to it may harm you forever.
  5. Improve Sinus health: If you choose the best plastic surgeons in Iran who can perform cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery at the same time, they can combine sinus surgery with rhinoplasty to heal sinus problems as we as nose reshaping and make the face look more beautiful.
  6. Facial Symmetry: Some people suffer from unsymmetrical face which usually is from birth or due to accidents or fights. Rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran can fix this problem by giving you a symmetrical face. Having symmetrical face also will increase your confidence which will help you find a better job and higher salary.
  7. Reduce Snoring: Because we have best rhinoplasty surgeons who have high skills in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery at the same time so they can cure also snoring as well as reducing the size of nose.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Why Rhinoplasty in Iran?

We have best plastic surgeons in Iran who are highly efficient and have high experience in cosmetic surgery. We are therefore ready to meet all medical needs in Iran for foreign customers from all over the world with free medical consultation service. The rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran is characterized by having excellent experience and excellent in the field of surgery and beauty and the doctor and medical staff to give the patient the beautiful natural appearance.

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